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Bypass Dishwasher Door Switch

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Dishwasher Door Switch Bypass

This is a Bypass Switch for the Dishwasher Door extractor that allows the user to operate the Dishwasher without the need to operate the handle, this Switch is included as a part of the product and allows the user to wait for the Dishwasher to be turned on in private. Once the Dishwasher is on, the Bypass Switch allows the user to remove the Switch and wipe away the food debris from the dishwasher, once they are finished, they need to adopt the handle to turn the Dishwasher on again. This is a new oem miele Dishwasher Door switch, it is an extractor Switch and it gives a doorknob design. It is very simple design with a green anodized aluminum plate over the switch, the Switch is manufactured of high quality aluminum and it is very reliable. The Switch presents a low-voltage input and it can be used with the current Dishwasher model, the Switch is well-made and it is very reliable. This is an oem Dishwasher Door switch, it is a Switch that bypasses the Dishwasher Door switch. It is a product of miele, it is a part of the miele 5057670 series. This Switch is used to Bypass the Dishwasher Door switch.