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Kenmore Dishwasher Power Cord

This Kenmore Dishwasher Power Cord is for the whirlpool dishwasher, it is black and provides the Kenmore logo in red. This Cord is for the Dishwasher in a room where there is an other Kenmore Dishwasher Power Cord is for the Power Cord for other Kenmore dishwashers in the future, this one is for the 4317824 whirlpool dishwasher.

Best Kenmore Dishwasher Power Cord

This Kenmore Dishwasher Power Cord is ul certified and it is also of mbe, it presents an 13 amp Power rating and it is an 3 prong outlet so it can handle up to 13 cups at a time. The black is a good color to have on hand, but you can also use any outlet if you prefer, this Power Cord is a short one so it can be used anywhere in the room, including those sans outlet. The color is excellent to have too, because it is one of the few light-colored things in the dishwasher, this Kenmore Dishwasher Power Cord junction box cover 154758501 is for the frigidaire dishwasher. It is a black cover with a white junction box, the cover is furthermore a few inches long and it renders a blacked out area. The length of the Power Cord is about 50 feet, it is about 2 feet long and imparts a black color. It is quality made and gives a nice feel to it, the Cord is quality made as well and is about 1 foot long. It is dead effortless to handle and looks great, the Cord is in excellent condition. It provides a nice, new Power cord, the Dishwasher is working peerless and imparts all the features that you could want it to.