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Samsung Dishwasher Kick Plate

This product is a beneficial add on to your Dishwasher to protect your feet from getting muddy with use, the Kick Plate is manufactured of durable materials and will protect your flooring and feet. It is an outstanding addition to your Dishwasher and is sure to keep your floor clean and polished.

Samsung Dishwasher Kick Plate Installation

This Kick Plate is for the Samsung Dishwasher and is manufactured to tailor the type of machine, it is a first-class fit for the bottom of the Dishwasher and helps to keep the foot of the Dishwasher clean. The Kick Plate also helps to keep the water cool and the dishes clean as well as keeping the water clean, this Kick Plate is manufactured of durable plastic and is designed to protect your Dishwasher from damage. It comes with three areas for basic placement and is assigned with the model number and version of the dishwasher, this black kirby Dishwasher kickplate is a top-of-the-line choice to keep your mess clean and unrivaled without having to remove everything each and every time. The Kick Plate easily slides in and out of the Dishwasher and it's also adjustable to tailor a variety of dogs, with its innovative design, this Kick Plate makes dishwashing a breeze. This is a brand new, self-stick Kick Plate screws, it extends a new, it is Samsung Dishwasher Kick Plate screws. It is a self-stick Kick Plate screws that easily attaches to the Dishwasher door, it presents a new, heavy-dutywire.